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What Will Become of These Children?

15 Sep

Why would anybody want to ruin their childhood?

What twisted humanity we have become to want to permanently destroy, traumatise a young life like that? On Oprah Winfrey Show episode, Oprah talked about the serious issue of child sex pornography, supplied by syndicates running child sex trafficking, and how there are vast numbers of people online who are secretly relishing in watching child pornography. She also shared that the latest scary trend is that there is a growing demand by child predators to watch these tortures take place live.

With the growth of online streaming websites such as Chat Roulette (equally disurbing, I find), live child pornography has taken the next stand in terms of popularity. There is some real and very serious issues here we need to grapple with.

On the show, the police interviewed had to go through websites after websites of disturbing images and their work is hardly complete even though the day is over. Resources to crack down these child predators are scarily low. And the number of predators just go on increasing.

Recently, Facebook was embroiled in a case where they failed to report an alleged child porn ring that was operating on its website. The shutting down of their operations on Facebook did little more other than protect the integrity of Facebook as a social networking platform. This week, Craigslist, U.S.’s top classified website, had its Adult section permanently shut down to crack down on child sex trafficking activities.

Because of this issue, Oprah set up the Child Predator Watch List. Within the first 48 hours of its launch, 2 child predators were arrested. The power of the media brought immediate attention and action because this is such a gripping issue.

It’s shocking but here’s the other thing that disturbs me. On one hand, the amount of publicity this issue is receiving leads people to take action, like what Oprah did.

On the  other hand, the black hat part of me wonders if too much publicity about such an issue will actually draw people’s curiosity to child sex pornography, giving the industry more demand. I certainly hope not and think we may be treading a fine line with the rise in awareness, but it is noteworthy, nevertheless.


We Will All Marry the Wrong Person

11 Sep

When WordPress featured this blog post, I was intrigued and just had to click on it. Actually, I uncreatively tweaked it, given the non-marital status that I have at this point. The actual post is called ‘We All Married the Wrong Person‘. I have to confess that human relations really fascinate me. Perhaps because I actually enjoy being analytical, at some point in my life I felt like I could ‘figure out’ some people. I was gravely mistaken. I have since come to realise that even psychology, the study of human behaviour, records statistics and come up with a mean of how people will behave under certain circumstances. However there are always the exceptions that bend the rule.

Human behaviour is no rocket science to be figured out. People can change due to their situations, the trauma they go through, the people they socialise with, the type of family background they have…and so much more. See, the variables are quite unnameable and those are all the things that can affect human behaviour. For those of you who are not married and assume you want to, don’t you also try to figure out everything about the person before you say yes?

Recently I met this guy from Germany in church. A bunch of us ended up having supper together after service and coincidentally we got on to the topic of relationships, which excited him and made him talk alot more. He shared that his grandparents came from a small town. They grew up together, went to school together and only had each other all their lives. It is also one of the most beautiful marriages he has ever seen. “We have too many choices these days and that confuses us,” he says. “We think that by having choices, it is a good thing but most of the time we don’t really know what we want nor know what is good for us.” This sentiment is echoed by Dr Haltzman in the article.

This also begs the question if marriage and love are all about us and what satisfy us.

In a world consumed by consumerism and choices, love has become another option. According to Dr Haltzman, we need to say, ‘This is the person I chose, and I need to find a way to develop a sense of closeness with this person for who he or she really is and not how I fantasize them to be.’ I am inclined to that statement. Most of the time, we forget that when we have expectations of a person or keep to a fantasised ideal of a person, we end up treating the person with less love and respect than they deserve.

Perhaps we will all marry the wrong person. That is because we know that humanity is fundamentally flawed. Instead, the thing we can control, and should control instead, is to be the right person to be married to instead of trying all sorts of way to try and change the other.

Up or Down?

1 Sep

I’m gonna start this post with an odd question: do you pull up or push down a toilet flush handle?


Under the insufficient lighting of the female toilet at the John Medley building in Melbourne University, there weren’t another soul except for myself, hence I found the time to take a closer look at the signage in the cubicle. It’s been 6 weeks at Uni and this is the first time I noticed that signage.

And indeed, under that dim lighting and the tiny fonts used, one has to bring her face closer to the sign in order to see it. I can’t imagine what the poor dears who forgot their eyeglasses have to go through to read it. I for one wouldn’t think of plastering my face any closer to anything in a toilet cubicle – it’s just way off and I’m not off my rockers. Yet.

Do you pull up to flush or down? I tend to pull down, and assume most people do likewise.

The tiny script there indicates ‘pull handle up for 30% water savings’ and ‘pull handle down for normal flush’. Typically, a half flush is 3 – 4.5L and a full flush is 6 – 9L worth of water. I could have saved more water for the Uni, but the texts were too tiny for any quick toilet goers to read, flush and buzz off. The eco girl has more to learn about Australia every other day!

Since we’re on the topic of toilets today, I randomly chanced upon a hot topic for folks in the northern hemisphere to figure out if the Australian toilet flushes the other way round. Don’t people have dinners to cook and friends to catch up with instead of wondering about these things? But anyways! If you have some minutes to spare, it might interest you to read a bit on it.