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Popular Surf Spots Around the World

Enjoy a beach holiday surfing at some of the world’s best destinations

For the sun-loving, beach-hugging folks like me, one of our dream holidays would be to do a tour around the world at some of the best beach spots out there. While doing that, how about some action in the water like surfing? These are some of the hottest destinations surfers have sworn by, beginner or otherwise, where the waves are good most times of the year and the sea beds are safe should you nose dive after getting caught in a wave. From all corners of the world, here are some of the best surf spots:

Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Relax at Kuta Beach. Photo: Indo-tourism.com

Every day is a surf party at Kuta beach and even if you don’t know how to surf, there is always a friendly local surfer down by the beach, ready to teach you a trick or two. The beach is lined with surf schools if you want to make sure you get grounded with the right techniques. Get a soothing massage after a long day out surfing or pop in at a bar just a lane away.

Bondi Beach, Australia

A day at Bondi. Photo: joejourneys.com

Right in Sydney, Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s favourite beaches where lifestyle and surfing meets. There are designated areas for swimming and surfboard riding and visitors should keep that in mind as they are designated this way due to current conditions. If you’re lucky, you can sight fairy penguins and dolphins during migration period. While you are there, check out the great food (there’s a famous fried Mars bar café along the stretch) and awesome atmosphere. Soak up the sun!

Still Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

At this beach break lies one of South Africa’s most popular and divine surf spots. Suitable for beginners as well as professional surfers alike, surf tournaments are held there five times a year. Billabong recommends it for its great waves. You can get decent rides on the deep, blue waters on weekdays as it packs up a bit more over weekends. Capt Town is a gorgeous place, where two oceans meet and there are other beaches to check out such as Bloubergstrand and Western Cape.

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos is known for its beaches that are suitable for surfing. For those who are adventurous and have extra surf experience under their belt, take the beaten track to some of Lago’s best hidden surf spots. The nearest town is Praia do Camilo, 25 mins’ walk away from the beach front. Enjoy a laid-back holiday in one of Europe’s most gorgeous countries.

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, USA

A couple surfing at Waikiki Beach. Photo: fodors.com

Hawaii has some of the best surfers around and Waikiki beach provides tourists and locals alike the good waves and enchanting Luau music. Some of the beach boys are more than happy to teach visitors the way of their home waves. If you’re tired of surfing, you can also trying canoeing at Waikiki.

Need to revise your surfing techniques or pick up some lessons before you go on surf holiday?  Check out this video series for some tips to get started:


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