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Up or Down?

1 Sep

I’m gonna start this post with an odd question: do you pull up or push down a toilet flush handle?


Under the insufficient lighting of the female toilet at the John Medley building in Melbourne University, there weren’t another soul except for myself, hence I found the time to take a closer look at the signage in the cubicle. It’s been 6 weeks at Uni and this is the first time I noticed that signage.

And indeed, under that dim lighting and the tiny fonts used, one has to bring her face closer to the sign in order to see it. I can’t imagine what the poor dears who forgot their eyeglasses have to go through to read it. I for one wouldn’t think of plastering my face any closer to anything in a toilet cubicle – it’s just way off and I’m not off my rockers. Yet.

Do you pull up to flush or down? I tend to pull down, and assume most people do likewise.

The tiny script there indicates ‘pull handle up for 30% water savings’ and ‘pull handle down for normal flush’. Typically, a half flush is 3 – 4.5L and a full flush is 6 – 9L worth of water. I could have saved more water for the Uni, but the texts were too tiny for any quick toilet goers to read, flush and buzz off. The eco girl has more to learn about Australia every other day!

Since we’re on the topic of toilets today, I randomly chanced upon a hot topic for folks in the northern hemisphere to figure out if the Australian toilet flushes the other way round. Don’t people have dinners to cook and friends to catch up with instead of wondering about these things? But anyways! If you have some minutes to spare, it might interest you to read a bit on it.